Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today I hope to be better at blogging. I will try to post something everyday to see if anyone checks my blog. Today I spent much of my morning at the churhc preparing for a YM/YW night that was cancelled due to carpet being cleaned. That was so unexpected and me and the girls I work with didn't know what to do. We cancelled it! I then went to the kids school to have lunch and recess with them. Talen had fun. IO hit up Target after that. I found really cut card making tools on a great sale. I have full intentions on using these tool, if I keep them in my line of site. I will try not to be bothered about them being out in the open. I really need to organize my crafts into kids crafts stuff and Mommy's craft stuff. As organized as I am I still feel way unorganized! Tonight called for pizza from Papa Johns. I hope to get the kids to bed by 7:30pm and get some homework done. No great shows on tonight:(. I think I better stop watching TV and doing homework.


Hi! As most of you already know we are the Cox family. We would love to share with all our friends and family pictures of what we do where ever we are. We are a transient family with no planted roots. Our roots are the Navy! Home is where they send us. Please view our pictures, make some comments, and have fun! If ever you would like to contact us just POST it!