Monday, January 24, 2011

Digital Scrapbooking Here We Come!

First photoshop scrapbook layout! Thanks to I was able to upload one of there free kits and follow along with them step by step on you tube! This was fun!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crazy Day!

Today was yet another crazy day. Talen woke up screaming of ear pain. I called the doctor at 6am fighting the "morning after a holiday" rush calls to the military appointment line. I waited on the line for about ten minutes and almost fell asleep until I heard the voice of an angel pick up and make an appointment for Talen.
At that point in the morning I was up and ready to get the other kids up. I love the fact that Spencer and Isabel can pretty much get ready for school on their own now. I just have to make them lunch and their out the door to catch the bus. I hurried and put on a cartoon for Talen, got a load of laundry in, cleaned up dinner from the night before ( yes, sometimes I let dinner just go until morning), made a few beds, took a shower with toddler, and got myself (and toddler) ready just in time to have my great friend April over for a study group. I had to rush to the doctor by 11:25am and get in line for the madness at the clinic. The doctor really couldn't tell me what was wrong with Talen, so he basically over prescribed me three different meds and said call me in two weeks. Gotta love the military health care system! I then had to wait 45 minutes to get the said prescriptions, while doing so I took a lunch break at Chicfilet. I got myself a BIG milkshake, oh and some lunch. We then went back to get the meds and headed home. Talen fell asleep on the way home, I though I was SO lucky to have peace for a little while, but nope. He woke up when I got home and scream that he didn't want a nap. I thought fine, I'll just make bedtime extra early tonight.
SO- I am catching up on a few DVR shows when I look at the clock and it was 3:15pm. I sat up knowing something was wrong. That feeling, deep in the pit of your stomach gut feeling that something was wrong. I then proceeded to run to the bus stop wondering why my kids were 15 minutes late off the bus. Oh, and of course as a mother you think the WORST things could have happened while your were trying to selfishly enjoy your day in front of the tv. I quickly calmed myself as I stood in the rain and remembered that chess club and girl scouts was today. A big rush of release came to me and I ran back home. I then rushed to finish my show and went to the school to pick up the kids. They have activities in different buildings. Isabel's building was locked! I was panicked at that point since guitar was at 4! Needless to say we arrived 10 minutes late to guitar. As I waited in the car with the other kids they read as I went through my flash cards of the skeletal system.
Spencer came in the car 20 minutes later with a smile, satisfied with his lesson. We then had no gas! Of course, could today get any worse? We are off to Costco to get gas. I think in my mind "while we get gas what else do we need here?" We go shopping for milk and eggs just to come out with much more, as always. At this point the time is 5:50pm. I told the kids that we had yummy hot dogs waiting for their hungry bellies at home ( gourmet meals tonight, they were turkey dogs if it sounds better). SO we get on the road, 15 minutes from home, and end up actually arriving at 6:40pm. TRAFFIC! Ok, so dinner was fast, hot dogs, apple sauce, yadda- yadda, whatever you can find in the fridge you can have type dinner. At that point I feel like telling the kids "get the --- up to bed and turn lights out now!" But of course we had to have dessert, do homework, take baths, and read stories. I was trying out some breathing excersises I learned in my Yoga classes and it helped.
I really should be studying right now, but I thought that by writing this out I might release some tension, and it does help.
Today...just another crazy day in the Cox household. More to come later...I'm off to hit the books.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Ok so I am obviously not good at keeping my blog updated. Sorry I am in school right now and it is HARD work. I never realized how much I took for granted in high school. I wish I would have just listened and payed attention to books instead of boys! I am paying for it now. I figure the more mistakes you make when your younger the more you have to pay for it when your older.
Today is another day without Brandon. The kids are home from school and I have to find time to study for my skeletal test this week. I have a plan to do a few hours of house work and a few hours of play time before I hit the books and put on a movie for the kids.
The kids came home yesterday with all A's and S+'s so I am letting them play the X-box. Spencer is a huge fan of Halo 3 and Talen loves to watch him play with the remote in hand. I know that to some people that might not be "ideal" to let your kids play video games, but that's just me, and I say let them play and reward them for their hard work.
Brandon will be home soon and I can go out and play with my friends. I am trying to figure out a way to get to NY again to see Wicked. I think we will find a weekend before Christmas and go up there. I might have to see it alone while Brandon watches the kids. I don't mind going alone. Usually you can get really good single tickets. We'll see!
As for today, I will stay positive that something amazing will happen - as with every day.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today I hope to be better at blogging. I will try to post something everyday to see if anyone checks my blog. Today I spent much of my morning at the churhc preparing for a YM/YW night that was cancelled due to carpet being cleaned. That was so unexpected and me and the girls I work with didn't know what to do. We cancelled it! I then went to the kids school to have lunch and recess with them. Talen had fun. IO hit up Target after that. I found really cut card making tools on a great sale. I have full intentions on using these tool, if I keep them in my line of site. I will try not to be bothered about them being out in the open. I really need to organize my crafts into kids crafts stuff and Mommy's craft stuff. As organized as I am I still feel way unorganized! Tonight called for pizza from Papa Johns. I hope to get the kids to bed by 7:30pm and get some homework done. No great shows on tonight:(. I think I better stop watching TV and doing homework.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Friday, October 12, 2007

This site will post my family's crazy life in the navy.


Hi! As most of you already know we are the Cox family. We would love to share with all our friends and family pictures of what we do where ever we are. We are a transient family with no planted roots. Our roots are the Navy! Home is where they send us. Please view our pictures, make some comments, and have fun! If ever you would like to contact us just POST it!