Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Ok so I am obviously not good at keeping my blog updated. Sorry I am in school right now and it is HARD work. I never realized how much I took for granted in high school. I wish I would have just listened and payed attention to books instead of boys! I am paying for it now. I figure the more mistakes you make when your younger the more you have to pay for it when your older.
Today is another day without Brandon. The kids are home from school and I have to find time to study for my skeletal test this week. I have a plan to do a few hours of house work and a few hours of play time before I hit the books and put on a movie for the kids.
The kids came home yesterday with all A's and S+'s so I am letting them play the X-box. Spencer is a huge fan of Halo 3 and Talen loves to watch him play with the remote in hand. I know that to some people that might not be "ideal" to let your kids play video games, but that's just me, and I say let them play and reward them for their hard work.
Brandon will be home soon and I can go out and play with my friends. I am trying to figure out a way to get to NY again to see Wicked. I think we will find a weekend before Christmas and go up there. I might have to see it alone while Brandon watches the kids. I don't mind going alone. Usually you can get really good single tickets. We'll see!
As for today, I will stay positive that something amazing will happen - as with every day.

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Larsen Family said...

I love that picture, and if it keeps your kids out of your hair for a few hours I am all for the video games! Our sanity is way more important...


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